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College of Fine Arts


The College of Fine 米利金艺术学院 University allows future artists, 表演者, musicians and more to practice and grow their talents through nationally renowned programs and real-world experiences. Millikin’s campus is alive with concerts, 剧院, art exhibitions and countless opportunities for College of Fine Arts students to showcase their talents and grow into their careers.


学校 & 部门

  • student in art studio

    艺术学院 & 创意媒体

    艺术学院 & 创意媒体 unites Millikin University's distinguished Art 部门 with the rapidly expanding Arts Technology and 政府 部门. Our multidisciplinary approach gives students the benefits of traditional artistic practice across several mediums and the skills to craft creative media projects using innovative technologies.
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    Dreams and reality live side by side as you learn, grow and develop your musical talents and learn about all areas of the music industry.
  • Phantom of the Opera

    戏剧学院 & 跳舞

    Pursue your theatrical passions in our nationally recognized program where individualized attention is the norm.
  • 学生关注的焦点

    The 戏剧学院 & 跳舞 offers many unique opportunities to understand the landscape of the industry. With multiple productions, new equipment and a state-of-the-art Center for Theatre & 跳舞, these resources helped student 鲜明的冬天 prepare for the growing field of lighting design.

  • 欣赏艺术活跃起来

    Discover upcoming arts, dance and music events at Millikin. 米利金艺术学院 is a monthly newsletter that helps you stay up-to-date with compelling news and lively events scheduled across all programs and venues at Millikin.

  • 执行 & Fine Arts 设施

    From the $29 million Center for Theatre & 跳舞 housing our nationally recognized programs to the 1,903-seat Kirkland Auditorium where our mainstage productions shine — from Perkinson 音乐 Center, the home to the only all-Steinway school in Illinois, to Millikin’s retail art gallery 蓝色的连接, our students perform their passions in innovative, real-world spaces starting on day one.

    • Center for Theatre and 跳舞

      Center for Theatre & 跳舞

      创新, state-of-the-art facility that houses all areas within the nationally recognized 戏剧学院 & 跳舞.
    • Kirkland auditorium

      Kirkland Auditorium

      As a long-standing staple of Millikin’s campus, Kirkland houses an auditorium that seats 1,903, music and choral facilities, 演讲大厅, art galleries and workspaces.
    • Kaeuper大厅


      This 167-seat auditorium was recently renovated to enhance recitals, instrumental and vocal performances and small-scale concerts.
    • 剧院设计 & 生产、B.F.A.

      Virginia Rogers Theatre

      Located within the CTD, this 260-seat flexible 剧院 features an orchestra pit, 阳台, and tech gallery with a tension wire grid.
    • Albert Taylor Theatre

      Albert Taylor Theatre

      Located in Shilling Hall, this proscenium 剧院 is ideal for intimate plays, productions and musicals.
    • Perkinson 音乐 Center

      Perkinson 音乐 Center

      Featuring the only all-Steinway school in Illinois and a recording studio, Perkinson 音乐 Center is where musicians and vocalists learn, practice and record their music.
    • studio art gallery


      Art students use this multi-functional space for everything from critiques, exhibits and shows judged by visiting artists.
    • 媒体艺术中心


      Located in the University Commons, this technology-rich space serves as a hub for students combining media and creativity with industry-relevant technology.
    • 画廊

      Perkinson & 较低的画廊

      Perkinson 画廊 and 较低的画廊 are located within Kirkland Fine Arts Center and feature art from students artists to traveling shows from across the country.
    • Millitrax工作室


      Millitrax Recording Studio, located in Perkinson 音乐 Center, serves as the home for Millikin's student operated recording companies and allows students to explore mixing and mastering like the professionals.